Talent is increasingly becoming the core competitiveness of enterprises in part, especially those who have kept the company's survival and development of the core staff has become the most important resource, the core staff is the scarcity of resources, enterprises are the fundamental sources of core competencies, how to manage the core staff has moved from a simple increase in the level of human resources management strategy for the company management level.
With the telecommunications industry into the WTO and the spin-off and reorganization, the telecommunications market is becoming increasingly fierce. Therefore, the core of an excellent staff, to fully exploit the use and development of the core staff of the creativity and potential of China's telecommunications companies are facing the future development of the outstanding questions.
In this paper, a method of integrating theory with practice, first of all, the core staff of management concepts and theories elaborate. And on China Telecom's core staff management situation analysis, the final combination of human resources management related to the theory of China Telecom's core staff management mechanisms to improve and strengthen the core of some of the recommendations of staff management.
Keywords: China Telecom; core staff management; human resource management; human resources strategy

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