Team are the basis of common interests, in order to maximize the benefits and realize enterprise set up with complementary skills and the rich spirit of unity and coordination staff. Team in the enterprise for sustainable development an important place in the home.
In recent years, many enterprises use of team work. But a lot of companies did not create a genuine high-performance team. How to set up high-performance team, the key is the team's performance assessment.
In this paper, for cases of MM to explore building a team-building based on the performance evaluation index system. Focus on the core of the performance evaluation: design team work plans and performance objectives of the work plan for the combination of flow; application network and database technology, the establishment of performance recording and analysis of database information, in order to prepare for performance analysis; Finally set up a course of conduct for the job foundation, designed to improve and enhance the ability to work flow performance analysis and guidance.

Keywords: team; performance evaluation system; behavior

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