关键词: 施工企业 成本管理 案例
Construction enterprises are the pillar industries of the national economy, in the national economic and social development and play a basic role in first. With the world economy, the market environment keeps changing, increasingly complex operating conditions, the construction enterprises face competitive pressures from home and abroad. Survival of the fittest are the basic rules of market competition, construction enterprises seeking survival and development, it is necessary to strengthen cost management, to take various measures to reduce costs, their cost advantage to participate in market competition.
In this paper, first the cost of management concepts and the meaning of, and then study the cost of construction enterprise project management features and the current cost management of construction enterprises of China's problems, then raised the cost of construction enterprises management measures should be taken to approach the final measures in accordance with these methods, and finally through a highway construction case to elaborate how the cost management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords: Cost Management of Construction Enterprise Case

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