从1999年开始,中国的工程机械行业进入了一个快速发展的阶段,2002年和2003年,产品的销售额分别增长38%和34%, 2004年国家实施宏观调控后,行业增速开始回落,从2006年开始,国内的工程机械行业再度开始了快速增长, 2007年行业继续保持了快速增长势头,销售收入增速达到47.98%。2008年受金融危机的影响,预计比上年同期只增长22%。由于工程机械投资大,租赁市场从20世纪90年代开始发展起来,我国现阶段经营租赁方式占租赁市场主导地位。。
关键词: 工程机械租赁,市场营销,经营租赁,核心竞争力,案例Construction machinery rental business marketing research
Starting in 1999, China's construction machinery industry entered a stage of rapid development in 2002 and 2003, product sales increased 38% and 34% in 2004 to implement the national macro-control, the industry growth rate started to decline, Beginning in 2006, the domestic construction machinery industry began a rapid growth again in 2007, the industry maintained a rapid growth momentum, sales revenue reached 47.98 percent growth. In 2008 by the financial crisis, is expected to increase over the same period last year only 22%. Investment as a result of construction machinery, the rental market from the beginning of the 20th century, developed in 90's, China's leasing business accounted for at this stage rental market dominance. .
In this paper, the development of construction machinery leasing market, as well as problems with the status quo, and then focus on the marketing of construction machinery leasing market analysis, put forward by strengthening the marketing management, enhance the marketing power of the measures to enhance their core competitiveness point of view, and finally through the mobile phone case Analysis of construction machinery leasing business marketing experience and lessons
Keywords: construction machinery leasing, marketing, operating leasing, core competencies, case

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