有效的供应商管理可以建立企业与供应商的长期信任关系,保证企业产品质量,降低成本,提高企业盈利能力,优势互补,达到双赢 ,优化采购流程,提高采购运作效率提高客户对需求和服务的满意度。因此研究对外贸公司如何与供应商建立合适的关系模式,从而提高外贸公司的核心竞争力,有一定的现实意义。
关键词: 外贸企业;供应商管理;核心竞争力;案例
Effective supplier management can create business with the supplier's long-term relationship of trust to ensure that product quality, reduce costs and improve the profitability of the business, complement each other, to achieve a win-win situation, and optimize procurement processes and improve operational efficiency of the procurement needs and improve customer service satisfaction. The study of how foreign trade companies and suppliers to establish an appropriate relationship between the mode of foreign trade companies to enhance core competitiveness, there is a certain degree of practical significance.
In this paper, examples of MM foreign trade companies to foreign trade companies on the supplier management. Including supplier selection, supplier management and supplier performance evaluation, such as foreign trade companies for MM Supplier Management to strengthen the corresponding strategy.

Keywords: foreign trade enterprises; supplier management; core competitiveness; case

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